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Learn the benefits of Private Lending and how to invest in private lending notes that are secured by deeds of trusts or mortgages. Tooltip Use this tooltop for any information

Property Rehabbing

Learn the benefits of purchasing real estate at a discount, estimating rehab costs, and flipping properties for profit. Tooltip Use this tooltop for any information. You will too with free updates & the most incredible support around.

Property Leasing

Learn the benefits of long-term rental property purchasing and renting. Tooltip Like This Text Tooltip!

An Investment Community

We are a community of private lenders Lots of Them! and real estate investors. Lots of Them! One of the several amazing aspects of real estate investing is that it is a team sport. So, whether you are new to real estate investing or already a seasoned veteran, come join us.

A Multi-Post story

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MAO – The “dirty little secret”


Has a hard money lender ever turned you down on a rehab loan?  Or, told you that you need to come to closing with more money?  Ever wish you had a crystal ball, or […]

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Check the feed

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The study desk

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The lean start up

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